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Platinum Series MU-2
 Enhanced Performance, Safety, and Reliability
  AK3 3933-1arival

S/N II-N50ET: 2013 Around-the-World Flight

 090113 Dawn in Oman
N50ET PANEL-altered-PS
The STC for the 5-bladed prop for the MU-2 was received less than a month before the flight, and was one of the many Platinum upgrades that helped Mike keep to his planned itinerary each day.    Customized panel options include ergonomic placement of pre-flight check switches, guages, and circuit breakers as well as  Garmin's latest touch screen offerings.
  090213 MU-2 on the ramp in Indonesia WIPT-PS
  Upgraded zero-time, dash 10 engines 

Mike Laver, owner of Air 1st Aviation Companies, Inc. successfully completed an around-the-world flight in his Platinum Series MU-2 dash 10 K-model, N50ET, from August 25 - September 17, 2013. The highlight of the trip was flying into Nagoya, Japan (photo top of page) on September 14 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the MU-2A prototype's first flight.

As testimony to the great aircraft, Mike flew the 40-year old N50ET (with modern engines, avionics, and props) 27,475 nm in just over 100 squawk-free hours in 25 days! 

The MU-2 is already number one in safety of all turbine twins, the best performer in the speed category (knots per dollar of purchase price) and reliability.  However since the first flight of the MU-2 back in 1963, improvements in electronics, propellers, and human factors engineering have made modern aircraft much more ergonomic, safer and user-friendly.

Taking into account the best of modern technology, Air 1st has designed and engineered a new and improved MU-2--the Platinum Series--to further enhance the performance, safety, and reliability of this great aircraft. As Mike set about to conceive an upgrade to this incredible machine, he started with his home office--the cockpit--in his own Platinum Series MU-2:  
  • Caution and warning lights (the most critical part of the pilot-airplane interface) were moved from pilot's left knee to the top of the panel where they are easier to see and interpret
  • Preflight switches were place on a rotary switch in order of use and moved to the left-side panel.
  • Circuit breakers like the autopilot breaker was moved from its hard-to-reach location at the pilot's left shoulder closer to the pilot's reach on the panel.
  • Lighting switches were moved from the hard-to-see overhead panel to where the test switches used to reside.
  • Pressurization controller was moved from the co-pilot to pilot's side of the panel
  • Retrofitted glass cockpit was installed with the latest Garmin touch-screen offerings.   
Platinum Series purchasers can select any of the above options for a safer and more ergonomic control center. 

For the challenge of improving the performance of the MU-2 while at the same time reducing cabin  noise, Mike worked in conjunction with MT-Propeller to obtain an STC for the 5-bladed composite propeller.  Successfull field testing (which resulted in the STC on July 31, 2013) demonstrated:
  • Take off run reduced by 10%
  • Climb rate increased by 5-8%
  • Cruise speed was 3-6 knots faster depending on altitude
  • No dangerous vibration or flutter characteristics were present
  • Noise level meets the ICAO Annex 16, Volume I, Part II Chapter X and FAR 36 noise limit
  • Structural loads were reduced due to the lighter weight of the composite prop
  • Better de-icing capability and less power needed to de-ice

For technical information and to order your own customized Platinum Series MU-2, contact Mike Laver at 803-641-9999.
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Each MU-2 in the series will have a serial number to establish it's status in the fleet:

S/N I: N888WW - Completed Platinum Series - 2015 co Queen of the Fleet winner

S/N II: N50ET - Completed Platinum Series - flew Around-the-World flight August 23-September 17, 2013

S/N III: N888SE - In work

S/N IV: N54RK - Completed Platinum Series - 2013 Queen of the Fleet winner

S/N V: Solitaire, S/N 458SA, N635TA - Completed Platinum Series

S/N VI: Sperry Marquise - In work

S/N VII: On reserve

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