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Platinum Series MU-2
 Enhanced Performance, Safety, and Reliability
  N635TA Right 3 QTR gp

S/N V-N635TA:  Platinum Series Solitaire

N458BB-Ext 2-PS Before N635TA-gp right 3 qtr
ExExterior - Before Exterior - After
N458BB-Entry-pg  N635TA-gp cabin

Interior - Before

 Interior - After
N458BB-Panel-pg N635TA-53-PSAfter
 Instrument Panel - Before  Instrument Panel - After

Serial Number V in the Air 1st Platinum Series is a late model Solitaire. Despite being the second-to-last built in its model and its low overall time, S/N 458SA fell into the ranks of the obscure with its lackluster paint, tired interior, and dated instrument panel.

After the Platinum Series refurbishment process, N635TA boasts a sleek and fresh new look with updated paint and interior appointments and a clean, modern and ergonomic instrument panel with retro-fit Garmin glass instruments, including Mid-Continent Stand-by Instrumentation. MT-Propellers offer enhanced performance, reduced vibration and noise in addition to stunning ramp appeal. 

N635TA enjoys all of the system and engine component upgrades and overhauls, new windows, windshields and de-ice boots, and inspection/airworthiness compliance of the full Platinum Series process.

For technical information and to order your own customized Platinum Series MU-2, contact Mike Laver at 803-641-9999.
The highlighted aircraft below are fully completed Platinum Series. Click on an aircraft to learn more:

Each MU-2 in the series will have a serial number to establish it's status in the fleet:

S/N I: N888WW - Completed Platinum Series - 2015 co Queen of the Fleet winner

S/N II: N50ET - Completed Platinum Series - flew Around-the-World flight August 23-September 17, 2013

S/N III: N888SE - In work

S/N IV: N54RK - Completed Platinum Series - 2013 Queen of the Fleet winner

S/N V: Solitaire, S/N 458SA, N635TA - Completed Platinum Series

S/N VI: Sperry Marquise - In work

S/N VII: On reserve
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