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Air 1st Aviation Companies, Inc. is the exclusive dealer in North and South America for the 5-bladed MT-Propeller designed for the MU-2. The propellers ship directly from the factory in Straubing, Germany to Aiken, South Carolina where they will be installed at Carolina Turbine Support.

Full Retail price for a pair of 5-bladed, constant speed propellers with feathering and reverse and nickel leading edges is $123,590.00 plus freight from Germany and includes spinner assemblies, prop de-icing systems, and complete de-ice kits. If you wish to retain your Hartzell propellers, there is a $10,000.00 core charge, which brings the full retail price to $133,590.00.

Contact Mike Laver at Air 1st (803-641-9999) for more information and to order propellers and Tom Sapp at Carolina Turbine Support (803-641-0266) for installation costs and scheduling. 

 gp N777WM Front July  2019 - MT-Propeller's on Solitaire N777WM
N7HN L 3QTR February 2018 - MT- Propellers on Marquise N7HN
N635TA Right 3 QTR gp June 2017-MT-Propellers on Platinum Series Solitaire, N635TA
N33EW 5/25/17-MT-Propellers w/Harley Orange tips installed on Joe Timmons' Marquise, N33EW.
N68CL Stan Askren 4/28/16-MT-Propellers installed on Stan Askren's Solitaire, N68CL.
MT-Propellers installed on N70KC-web 7/15/15-MT-Propellers installed on Marquise, N70KC.
MT PROP-N44AF 6/30/15-MT-Propellers installed on Doug Hulse's Marquise, N44AF. After Doug's first flight with the MT's he noted the following:
"I had heard that initial performance was a real improvement with these props.  I experienced this firsthand yesterday when I took off and climbed out from Aiken on a very hot afternoon and with a heavy aircraft.  Acceleration to lift off was greatly improved and I held an average climb of 1400 FPM to 17,000 feet yesterday, before seeing much of a speed bleed-off.  Initial climb through 10,000 feet was very impressive!
I cannot speak about the sound level change as I had no one in the back.  Vibration overall seemed less than before.
One last point was the start…  I did a series start and it was VERY fast.  Temps stayed well below 700  for each engine and the start was much faster than I ever saw before."

N888NB web2 5/13/15 MT-Propellers installed on Patten Air's Marquise, N888NB. On 5/14/15, Pilot Frank Quintas noted on the forum:
"I had the pleasure of my first flight yesterday after installing the MT props up in Aiken SC. I was standing outside during the balancing of the props and actually stood 50 feet away and not cover my ears. Start time was less and cooler considering how many times they had started and shut down during balance procedure, battery wasn't at 100 percent.My first impression during the takeoff roll was how much quicker she got to rotating speed and airborne " Wow "... During the climb things were much smoother and the climb rate was better and held it to a higher altitude. I didn't measure difference to my cruise but knew it was less. Cruise was about the same but quieter as I was able to remove my headset and easily speak with my friend. Landing was equally impressive as she slowed quicker at FXE, once at the FBO the ramp person commented on how much quieter she was. All in all I'm very happy with them and will update with some actual numbers when able."
N44VR with MTs 3/6/15 - MT-Propellers installed on David Greene's Solitaire, N44VR.  At the 2015 MU-2 Fly-In, when he was asked about the modification to his short-body MU-2, Dr. Greene articulated his thoughts very enthusiastically and concisely:

"Love the props!"
N489AF - 14 May 2015 018-web First MT-Propeller installation on Air 1st USAF Contract K-model, N489AF, at Tyndall AFB, Panama City, FL.
N2RA - MT Props 2 2-24-15-2 gp 2/23/15 - Rick Perfect, with his P Model, N2RA, the first -5 installation of MT- Propellers. After his first flight, Rick noted the following on the MU-2 forum:

"The installation was flawless. Blade angles were set once and did not need to be adjusted after testing. First observations: Empty weight was 7000 lbs. is now 6957 lbs. Somewhat quieter on the ground (should improve more when RPM is reduced). Faster spool up on start. Faster acceleration on takeoff roll. Increased climb rate. Seems to have a slightly better cruise (need to verify with existing trend data that I've recorded over the last three years). Less vibration, and of course...NO AD. Plus.....it just looks really sharp."

N888WW MT Props 3 gp 2/16/15 - Wayne Haub, owner of Platinum Series Marquise, S/N I, N888WW with MT- Propellers installed.  When he was asked about his new 5-blades, Wayne had this to say,

"My honest comment is: smoother, quieter, awesome look...as promised!"

N644EM-3-web 11/6/14 - Mike with Earle Martin after having MT-Propellers installed on Earle's Marquise, N644EM. On 11/10/14, Earle gave a comprehensive report on the MU-2 forum:

"On takeoff I feel more acceleration as the seat presses against my back.  I had been keeping my Hartzell Marquise on the ground until almost 110 KIAS due to a couple of times years ago where I rotated at 105 KIAS at gross and the plane settled and skipped before staying airborne.  With more confidence I will now begin rotation seeing 100 KIAS to come off at 105.  I am putting a little more nose-down trim in before takeoff because I feel like the plane wants to pitch up a little more in what I interpret as more thrust. I plan to climb at more of a best rate airspeed as opposed to cruise climb in order to press the advantage of the MTs.  Cruise after four legs seems unchanged, maybe down a knot? I agree with the reduced noise and vibration... I am getting better deceleration in flight and after landing."
Click here to read Earle's full report
N54RK-Randy-Mike 2-web 8/13/14 - MT-Propellers installed on Randy Kern's 2013 Fleet Queen, Platinum Series Marquise N54RK.  On 9/13/14 Randy reports on the MU-2 forum:

"I've only had 3-4 flights since installation so still learning. I track every flight with respect to altitude, oat, power setting, etc. and plan to report my experience with them as I gather more data. I can now report it's hard to describe the difference in vibration and noise. That alone makes the MT's worth the money. Ground roll and acceleration is noticeably different."
N19GA-Rand2-web 6/23/14 - MT-Propellers installed on Rand Snell's Solitaire, N19GA.
N62CN-2web 1/13/14 - After having MT-Propellers installed on his Solitaire, N62CN, Ross Russo noted on 1/30/14:

“Reduced maintenance costs, increased take-off performance, increased climb performance, increased single engine performance, quieter cabin--less vibration, and oh yes--no ADs!!! What's not to like? But the thing that surprised me the most was how drastically they improved the look of the airplane."
 MT-Props on N78PK-12-13-13 12-13-13 - Mike with Ken Murphy after MT-Propeller's were installed on his 1981 Marquise, N78PK. On 12-17-13, Ken writes on the MU-2 forum:

“An update on my MT propellers: Made it back to California a few days ago, did a lot of stops along the way from the East coast and can so far say I really appreciate the MT's. I'm consistently getting faster climbs and enjoying much less vibration and noise. Another thing I noticed is much crisper acceleration on the takeoff roll.”

Please contact Ken at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for customer feedback on the MT-Propellers
Mike and N50ET with MT-Propellers-web 8-2-13 - Installed MT-Propellers on Platinum Series MU-2, N50ET, just days after the STC was approved by the FAA and prior to Mike's around-the-world trip. Mike writes in his RTW blog on September 2, 2013 after departing Banda Aceh, Indonesia:

“I am consistently 10% quicker on climb and 10% less fuel for climb. The cabin is 15Dba quieter and also smoother.”