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Platinum Series MU-2 
 Taking Customization to a New Level
  N888WW-R 3 QTR 3 web3

S/N I-N888WW: The Ultimate in Luxury and Comfort

 N888WW-Interior 1 gpN888WW-Executive Table gp
IMG 1347-MT-for-Web-PE
Rich pearlized and textured accent leathers, antique bronze trim, and large custom table with USB ports and ethernet plug all provide a functional workspace and pleasing aesthetic for Wayne and his guests. 5-bladed MT-Propellers with polished aluminum spinners not only look fantastic, but combined with a comprehensive 4-part sound-proofing package from Skandia, enables a much quieter environment for face-to-face conversations and phone calls.
  N888WW-Belted Potty gp  N888WW-Cabin Divider gp
 CustomCCustom-designed lav with 4-bottle insulated wine storage compartment doubles as a very comfortable passenger seat.
 DDouble-fold lavatory door on captive-bearing wheels has a mechanically actuated stiletto that finishes the upper corner wedge for complete privacy.

N888WW-Interior 2 gp

N888WW-Under Seat Cabinet 1 gp
JJeJet Jukebox media streaming In-flight Entertainment package from Flight Display Systems with fold-down "Airshow" display screen  Under seat storage for club seating is roomy enough for life vest, oxygen mask, and noise cancelling headset while still allowing for additional under-seat soft baggage.Un
N888WW-Beverage Holder-Cabinet gp
N888WW-USB Ports gp
N888WW-Entry Handle incorp into Cabin Divider gp
Specially designed beverage holders and USB port close up showcase textured "stingray" leather accents.  Floor-to-ceiling handrail is machined from aluminum billet and is mounted structurally top and bottom to provide a full-body weight supporting entrance and egress handhold.Lav 

Each MU-2 is refurbished to a Platinum Series mininum standard.  But beyond that, the sky is the limit. Wayne Haub, owner of Marquise, N888WW, has taken the customization of Platinum Series S/N I to a whole new level. From the specially designed paint scheme and interior seating and configuration to the smallest details to include specialized window and lighting treatments, under seat storage, state of the art communications and in-flight entertainment, Wayne's passengers are able to experience the ultimate in luxury, comfort, and convenience. 

The seating configuration and semi-crescent shaped partitions provide an airy and open feel, with fantastic forward visibility for passsengers. As the only MU-2 with both a forward and mid-cabin divan, the latter serves as an ottoman when the aircraft is not carrying its full complement of 11 passengers. The lavatory itself is a custom creation incorporating both aft cabin storage and a 4-bottle insulated wine storage compartment.  Unlike many, this is a very comfortable seat with it's own picture window. The lavatory door, another custom design, features double folds, captive bearing wheels, and has mechanical design elements that allow for complete privacy.

The leather throughout the cabin is a pearlized metallic with accented "stingray" textured leather. The forward and aft partitions are finished with the accent leather along with antique bronze plated trim.  The windows feature fabricated kydex bezels between each of the three panes to provide a sharp visual edge, looking from the inside or outside of the aircraft.

The aircraft is equipped with two satellite phone handsets, one corded and the other cordless to support the plane's two separate phone lines.  The cell phone and Wi-Fi equipment are from Aircell.  The Wi-Fi plan boasts broadcast speeds capable of supporting streaming video active over 10,000 feet over the entire continental U.S.

All of the design elements and ammenties in this aircraft were carefully thought out to give Wayne and his passengers the look and feel of a luxury jet.  There are countless other features that make N888WW truly a one-of-a-kind, custom MU-2. Wayne's Marquise was completed in a series of phases, which allowed him to enjoy his aircraft along the way to becoming a full Platinum Series.


For technical information and to order your own customized Platinum Series MU-2, contact Mike Laver at 803-641-9999.
The highlighted aircraft below are fully completed Platinum Series. Click on an aircraft to learn more:

Each MU-2 in the series will have a serial number to establish it's status in the fleet:

S/N I: N888WW - Completed Platinum Series - 2015 Queen of the Fleet winner

S/N II: N50ET - Completed Platinum Series - flew Around-the-World flight August 23-September 17, 2013

S/N III: N888SE - In work

S/N IV: N54RK - Completed Platinum Series - 2013 Queen of the Fleet winner

S/N V: Solitaire, S/N 458SA, N635TA - Completed Platinum Series

S/N VI: Sperry Marquise - In work

S/N VII: On reserve

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