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Air 1st and MT-Propeller are proud to announce receipt of the FAA Supplement Type Certificate (STC) on the 5-bladed MT-Propeller for the MU-2B series aircraft on July 31, 2013—just 8 months after successful flight testing!

With this certification, MU-2 owners and operators can now opt for a new generation, lighter weight, and AD-free propeller for their MU-2s. MT-Propeller has been the leading manufacturer of certified composite blades from the FAA and EASA in the 33 years since they have been conducting business. With over 120 STCs, MT-propellers are certified on a variety of aircraft including Regional Airliners like the Jetstream 41 aircraft and are approved to the highest requirements including the Part 25 bird strike (click here for video) and lightning strike certifications, without showing any damage to the blades.  MT-Propeller has the greatest global experience for natural composite blade designs, with more than 50,000 MT blades flying worldwide with an accumulated 110 million flying hours without any flight failure. No other propeller has a higher safety record in the industry.

The natural composite blades manufactured for the MU-2 consist of highly compressed laminated beech wood that has a tensile strength similar to steel. The core is reinforced by layers of carbon fiber and glass and sealed with layers of acrylic polyurethane paint; the blade is protected by a nickel leading edge, which is 5 times harder than an aluminum blade and also corrosion free.

The MT-Propeller system offers more blades with greater strength that are shorter and lighter than traditional aluminum blades, leading to the following benefits for the MU-2:

·        Increased ground acceleration thereby reducing take off run

·        Increased climb rate allowing you to get to altitude quicker and thus save fuel

·        Increased cruising speed

·        Quieter cabin to reduce stress on aircraft occupants

·        Reduced vibration leads to increased life expectancy on other parts of the plane including gyros, radios, cowlings, etc.

The MT-Propeller has an updated and contemporary look and features unlimited blade life as they are brought back to the exact factory dimensions when overhauled--plus they are very easy to install--simply bolt on to your existing prop governor. Please click here to read more about the process for obtaining the STC for the MU-2.  For more detailed information on MT-Propeller and their props, please visit the MT- Propeller website.

STC UPDATE: On February 28, 2013, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) issued Supplemental Type Certifcate 10043855 to certify installation of the 5-blade MT-Propeller, Model MTV-27-1-E-C-F-R(G)/CFR(...) on the MU-2.  The specifics are as follows:

Original Type Certificate Number : FAA A10SW
Original Type Certificate Number : FAA A2PC
Type Design - Model : MU-2B-20, -25, -26, -26A, -30
Type Design - Model : MU-2B-2B-35, -36, -36A, -40, -60

Testing the 5-bladed prop on N500PJ

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