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Platinum Series MU-2
 Next Generation of Fully Refurbished Aircraft
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S/N IV-N54RK: 2013 Queen of the Fleet Winner
 Interior 1
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 Full custom interior with luxurious leather headliner, side panels and seating; custom cabinetry Above: Custom paint sheme
Below: Retrofit glass cockpit with Synthetic Vision Technology and touch screen avionics
Now you can own the ultimate custom MU-2 with Air 1st's exclusive series of fully refurbished MU-2 aircraft. The Platinum Series is a next generation custom-refurbished MU-2 that meets a minimum standard with zero-time engnes, props, and component overhauls. Not only will you experience enhanced performance, safety, and reliability for which the MU-2 is world renowned, but you will have a unique aircraft with avionics, instruments, paint, and interior appointments all to your personal specifications.

Your new Platinum Series MU-2 will start with overhauled or freshly refurbished engines by a Honeywell Service Center. Next, Air 1st has contracted with Carolina Turbine Support to provide the following:
  • Overhauled engine components and props
  • New windows, windshields, and de-ice boots
  • Overhauled aircraft systems including landing gear and brakes, flight controls, fuel system, air conditioning, pressurization, and electrical systems
  • New avionics, instrumentation, paint and interior to customer specifications (applied to a minimum series standard)
  • Fresh 100 hour/1 year periodic and special inspections; 200 hour/2 year periodic and special inspections, 500 hour inspection, 600 hour/3 year periodic inspections, 1200 hour, 1800 hour, 2400 hour inspections as well as 7500 hour inspection and 8500 hour component replacement.
With Air 1st as the exclusive MU-2 dealer for MT Propeller, it will be an easy upgrade to the 5-bladed MT-Propeller system, allowing you the option of a new-generation, lighter weight, quieter, and AD-free propeller for your Platinum Series MU-2.

The Platinum series MU-2 can be purchased out-of-the-box from Air 1st or is available as an upgrade to your existing MU-2. Air 1st's unique modular system enables you to complete the Platinum Series program in sections, which significantly reduces downtime. Plus, for the sake of convenience, many updgrades can be completed during routine maintenance.

For technical information and to order your own customized Platinum Series MU-2, contact Mike Laver at 803-641-9999.

The highlighted aircraft below are fully completed Platinum Series. Click on an aircraft to learn more: 

Each MU-2 in the series will have a serial number to establish it's status in the fleet:

S/N I: N888WW - Completed Platinum Series - 2015 co Queen of the Fleet winner

S/N II: N50ET - Completed Platinum Series - flew Around-the-World flight August 23-September 17, 2013

S/N III: N888SE - In work

S/N IV: N54RK - Completed Platinum Series - 2013 Queen of the Fleet winner

S/N V: Solitaire, S/N 458SA, N635TA - Completed Platinum Series

S/N VI: Sperry Marquise - In work

S/N VII: On reserve

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