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Tuesday, May 10, 2016: Merced, California
N696CM Ferry Tank gpWe spent the entire day in MCE at Gateway Aviation installing and plumbing the aircraft for the additional 425 gallons of fuel to make the 2,055nm journey to Hilo in Hawaii. (photo right: A closeup of the cargo door and  ferry tank prior to installation)

Monday. May 9, 2016: Tulsa, Oklahoma - Merced, California
We spent most of the day at intercontinental Jet making some final adjustments prior to heading further west. We finally departed TUL in the afternoon for the long flight to California to have the tanks installed in Merced. On departure from TUL, we climbed initially to 26,000 feet and ultimately to 28,000 feet for a flight time of 5.2 hours due to headwinds. With the additional pod tanks that were installed, that gave us a landing in Merced, CA with 1 hour of fuel remaining

Sunday, May 8, 2016: Aiken, South Carolina - Tulsa, Oklahoma
N696CM-MainFinally Warren Mackay and I are starting our journey to New Zealand in N696CM. The 1985 Marquise, S/N 1569SA is the last one built and has been purchased by Philips Search and Rescue in Hamilton, New Zealand. After the installation of a cargo door at Intercontinental Jet, we brought the Marquise back to Aiken as an extended test flight prior to the Pacific crossing. On departure from AIK we climbed straight to 28,000 feet for a flight time of 3.1 hours due to headwinds; we again had the opportunity to test all of the systems. (photos: right: N696CM then; below left: N696CM Now-equipped and ready for air ambulance missions)
Leaving Aiken