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Monday, August 26, 2013:  Day 2 - Goose Bay-Narsarsuaq-Reykjavik
082613 MU-2 at sunrise in Goose BayWe rose this morning at 0400 in Goose Bay (photo right: sunrise in Goose Bay) so we could be airborne at 0600, but as we were driving to the airport, I remembered that you cannot depart for a Greenland airport without a current TAF unless you want to be in violation on arrival. We received the TAF for Narsarsuaq just a few minutes after 0600, so we ended up departing Goose Bay at 0630. It was a quick 2.3 hour flight to Narsarsuaq with tailwinds all the way! The scenery in Greenland is truly amazing and flying up the Fjord to the airport is breathtaking. We then flew over an iceberg on a short final to runway 07 (photo below). Every pilot—I think—needs to experience flying into Narsarsuaq.
082613 Iceberg on final to NarsarsuaqAfter spending a short time on the ground fueling and chatting with a family returning after a 3 month tour of Europe in their TBM 700, we were on our way to Reykjavik in Iceland. On this leg, we saw 362 knots for a short time. We landed in Reykjavik after another short 2.3 hour flight. Day 2 of 25 now complete.