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Digital Engine Instrumentation STC

Air 1st has signed an exclusive agreement with Ultra Electronics Flightline Systems for a glass-panel digital engine instrumentation package designed specifically for the MU-2. 

LogoAir 1st has awarded a multi-year contract to Ultra Electronics - Flightline Systems for the next generation AuRACLE digital engine display system to be integrated into various models of the Mitsubishi MU-2 fleet. Air 1st expects to receive the Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for the MU-2 AuRACLE retrofit installation in 2015. With the completion of this STC, the AuRACLE Digital Engine Management System will be available as a retrofit package for select Mitsubishi MU-2 Marquise, Solitaire, and model J, K, L, M, N, and P aircraft.

The AuRACLE digital engine display will enable MU-2 owners to upgrade their aircraft with state-of-the-art engine indications with trend monitoring capabilities and features that will make managing engine performance and fuel planning safer. The digital engine display for the MU-2 presents the composite information in brilliant sunlight-readable color on dual 5.7 inch high-resolution displays with full reversionary display capabilities designed to fit where the dual stack of 2-inch OEM engine gauges were located. 

AuRACLE integrates all primary engine instruments, a fuel computer, and a crew-alerting system with the following capabilities:
  • The intuitive primary engine indicators replace all of the traditional engine instruments with no additional back-up required
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  • The multi-page display capability puts all aircraft engine monitoring, fuel planning, and crew-alerting functions at the pilot's fingertips
  • AuRACLE's integrated fuel computer display allows for accurate fuel planning with pilot cautionary warnings in the instance that a planned destination exceeds the current fuel level and usage statistics
  • Integrated design with fully redundant monitoring and display capabilities, allowing all critical engine data to be displayed on either LCD screen in the event a display module should fail
  • Virtual annunciator panel for added safety and crew alerting
  • Engine Condition Trend Monitoring (ECTM) with flight and engine data logging adding comprehensive data analysis functions for predictive maintenance, training, and condition based approvals for continued airworthiness
  • Field upgradeable software
Thanks to the AuRACLE networked architecture and modular-design, the retrofit installation results in a typical weight savings compared to the original engine and fuel quantity indicators.