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Thursday, September 12, 2013:  Day 19 - Cebu-Taipai, Taiwan
091213 Mike Laver completes departure paperwork in PhilippinesToday our departure was scheduled for 10:00 AM, though we were at the airport and ready to go at 0830--I am not sure how that happened. Again the handlers were so polite and friendly; they arrived with customs and immigration, and we were stamped out right at the aircraft. (Photo left: Mike completing depature paperwork in the Philippines.) We requested an early departure from Mactan Clearance. Fortunately they accommodated us, so we were on our way to Taipei.

We started at 24,000 feet then later climbed to 25,000 feet for our 1028 nautical mile leg to Taipai. Today was VHF all the way--so that made communication easy--Manila Centre and Taiwan Centre were very 091213 N50ET on the business aviation ramp at Taoyuaneasy to understand as well as polite and helpful. Today we had to do quite a bit of diverting for weather, but overall it was a nice flight. As we approached Taipei, we were radar vectored for the runway 23L ILS; that approach was visual all the way except for around one mile visibility because of the haze. Taipei is a huge international airport, and there is no doubt that we were the smallest aircraft there by far. (Photo right: N50ET on the business aviation ramp at the Taiwan Taoyuan International airport.) After about 15 minutes, however, we lucked out and were joined by a single engine Piper Meridian.

Hotel GuestAfter Mike handled the fueling, we were on our way through the terminal building for Customs and Immigration. That process was as easy as every other place we have been to thanks to Baseops having everything organized so well. Except for the instrument approach, my flight plan time was within 2 minutes of my actual time. I landed with 110 gallons still remaining--what a great flight! Tomorrow is the big day with our flight to Nagoya, Japan, the home of Mitsubishi and of course the original home of the MU-2. 

(Photo left: Mike has an unexpected room guest this evening.)