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Tuesday, September 3, 2013: Day 10 - Palembang-Bali,
Palembang was a very pleasant and easy stop. Last night we stayed at the Novotel Palembang which was a fantastic hotel where we got a good night's sleep. It was a good thing, because the drive this morning to the airport was complete chaos,090313 Mike Laver preflights by 737 in Padang with cars, scooters and pedestrians all mixed up together looking for any space to move through. We saw many children riding on the back of scooters weaving through the traffic on their way to school. After arriving at the airport, we were escorted through security, down a jetway amongst boarding passengers, and then down the steps onto the tarmac-- what an amazing experience. Mike supervised the fueling while I prepared the aircraft (photo right: Mike preflights N50ET). After startup clearance was issued, we were airborne within minutes and on our way to Bali. 

090313 Volcano and crater in IndonesiaThe flight to Bali was very enjoyable--with excellent weather and easy communication with Jakarta Control. We flew along the north coast of the island of Java, and off to our right were mountains that were probably 15,000 feet high (photo left: volcano and crater in Indonesia). Approach and landing into Bali was uneventful. The handler and fuel truck were there to greet us. We parked in bay 15 right in the front of the international terminal--airliners on the left and airliners on the right parked at their jetways--what an intimidating experience that was. I can't believe that N50ET will be parked in the middle of this busy international airport for the night.

Bali is paradise! We are staying at an old traditional Balinese hotel on the wa
ter. The Indonesian people have been so much fun; they are happy people who want to help and please you. It has been such an enjoyable experience flying through Indonesia. Tomorrow it's off to Australia, kangaroo, koala bears and the Laver's.