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Thursday, August 29, 2013:  Day 5 - Salzburg
082913 Red Bull Air MuseumToday was a great day at the Red Bull Hangar 7 Museum, and thanks to Mike Collins being with the AOPA press, we were given access to Hangar 8-- the maintenance hangar--as well. The Hangar 7 structure is in the shape of a wing but with all glass panels. Walking through the hangar is like being in another world or atmosphere. Red Bull has 25 unique aircraft including vintage, aerobatic, warbirds, fighter jets, transport aircraft, and helicopters in additon to NASCAR and formula one race cars. They also display an art exhibit and feature several restaurants that alternate among the world's top chiefs every few weeks. So if you like fine food, fine art, and exotic aircraft then the Red Bull Hangar 7 Museum is a must.

For the remaining few hours of the day, Mike and I took a walking tour of Salzburg and through Old Town. Salzburg is a beautiful, small city set amongst the Austrian Alps. Tomorrow it's back in the air, heading for Turkey and then Kuwait.