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Tuesday, August 27, 2013:  Day 3 - Reykjavik-New Castle-Straubing
Despite the time change--which meant us rising at 0130 Aiken time--we were fresh and ready to start Day 3 of our journey. We departed Reykjavik in the rain (photo: right) at 0724 and climbed to 25,000 feet. Slight tail winds again gave us a ground speed of 320 knots; TAS was 290 burning 66 GPH total, as we headed to Newcastle in the United Kingdom. 082713 Rainy departure from Reykjavik

It was a beautiful day in Newcastle (photo below), and the Samson Aviation staff was fantastic--we laughed and had fun the entire time. Once we were fueled, we departed Newcastle for Straubing in Germany. After crossing the English channel, we flew right over the top of Amsterdam, which was an amazing site. From the Netherlands we then flew into Germany passing between Hannover and Dusseldorf. The weather was great, which allowed us to see for miles. As we traveled into Germany, the accents became more difficult to understand on the radio so I had to really pay close attention.

082713 An interesting tower and a flight school at NewcastleWe are now in Straubing, a wonderful small city in Bavaria and home of the MT-Propeller company. I have really enjoyed flying with the MT-Props; they are quiet and smooth, plus I enjoy the extra climb performance which is helping me on fuel burn for those long legs.

I would like to thank the children of the 2nd Grade Class at Aiken Elementary school for their interest and support in following our flight around the world.