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Sunday, August 25, 2013:  Day 1 - Aiken-Frederick-Goose Bay
Mike departing Aiken
For the first leg on my flight around the world the winds were, you guessed it, headwinds. Apart from that it was a great flight to Frederick (KFDK). I was greeted by Mike Collins and his family. Mike was packed and ready to go. After fueling we departed KFDK and were vectored on an unwanted tour of Washington by the Centre. When transferred to New York Centre, they wished us well for our around the world flight (someone there reads the AOPA magazine) and gave us direct VLV (Beauce) direct CYYR (Goose Bay).At 25,000 ft I am pushing 35 knots of headwind, my calculator is working overtime. 082513 Landing Runway 8 at Goose BayWith 1 hour remaining to CYYR I am pushing only 20 knots of headwind. My TAS is 285 knots and I am burning a total of 66 GPH, what an amazing machine these MU-2's are.

Landed at CYYR after 4.5 hours enroute and 70 gallons remaining. The weather is beautiful and were off for a beer with the locals.

(photos: Above: Departing Aiken; Right: Landing on Runway 8 up in Goose Bay, Labrador, Canada.)